APRA Foundation for Multi-Diciplinarity

Adrian Piper founded the Adrian Piper Research Archive (APRA) in 2002, after being diagnosed with a chronic, progressive, and incurable medical condition. Although the condition had vanished within two years after her move to Germany in 2005, Piper decided to continue developing APRA as a personal and public resource. APRA comprises

•the archive housing Piper's art work, correspondence, manuscripts, documents, family photo and letters archive; book, catalogue and articles library; video and sound work library; reproductions library; Vedic and Western philosophy library, art library, fiction and poetry library, music collection, video collection; artwork inventory, text inventory; and, eventually, preserved personal living and working space, furnishings, and personal possessions exactly as she designed, built, arranged and/or used them; and

•the web site located at www.adrianpiper.com, offering professional and biographical information about Piper's life and work.

The archival process of sorting, organizing and inventorying this material is ongoing and cumulative. Supervised access to holdings that already have been duly inventoried and stored is available to those students, scholars, curators, collectors, writers, and members of the general public who have a serious, constructive curiosity or scholarly or professional interest in Piper's work and life. Information about work that has been placed in other collections is also available. To schedule an appointment to visit APRA, please complete, sign and return APRA’s Archive Visitor Application.