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The Berlin Journal of Philosophy
established 2011

Call for Referees

The Berlin Journal of Philosophy is unique and innovative in adhering strictly to simultaneous policies of blind submissions, double-blind review, and anti-plagiarism. It seeks qualified, experienced, professionally trained philosophers to follow and apply these policies, as anonymous blind referees, in each of the listed areas of specialization.

Each submission is screened by a first referee, and, if accepted, screened by a second. Referees’ identities are held in strictest confidence. The Journal offers referees an honorarium of €25,00/refereed paper, contingent on a contractual commitment including the anti-plagiarism policy here. The Journal’s Anonymous Referee Contract is available for download here. Interested applicants should e-mail attaching a scan of a published article and CV listing education, professional experience, list of publications, area(s) of specialization, and institutional affiliation if any.

At this time we are particularly keen to recruit specialists in American Transcendentalism, decision theory, mathematical logic and Logical Positivism subspecialties to our team of anonymous referees. A special note to mathematical logicians and technical philosophers more generally: Our annual survey of Philosophy Journal Paper Submission Policies here shows that the majority of technical journals in philosophy, as in the natural sciences, do not practice double-blind review. Mathematical logicians, decision theorists, game theorists, probability theorists and other practitioners of technical or formal philosophy who are dissatisfied with this convention are particularly invited to apply to join the team of anonymous referees at The Berlin Journal of Philosophy.