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The Berlin Journal of Philosophy
established 2011
Paper Submissions: 0000
Accepted for Publication: 0000

Submission Guidelines & Procedure

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Papers are to be submitted in conformity with the following instructions:

  1. Scope: Within the range of topics listed under Editorial Policy & Procedure , papers on any subject will be considered that are in English, and that are composed in a style of exposition that maximizes clarity of thought and prose, rigor of argument, logical consistency, and conceptual and (where appropriate) exegetical analysis. Basic stylistic guidelines for graduate students and interested scholars from other expository traditions are available here
  2. Length: The main text of the paper ordinarily is not to exceed 10,000 words.
  3. Text formatting: The main text is to be formatted in Palatino 12-point font, and double-spaced. The footnotes (not endnotes) are to be formatted in Palatino 10-point font, and 1.5-spaced. The bibliography is to be formatted in Palatino 12-point font, and double-spaced. The margins should be 3 cm or 1” right, left, top and bottom.
  4. Visual material: Diagrams, graphs and other visual material should be pre-inserted in the text as PNG files.
  5. Citations and bibliography: Papers accepted for publication should format citations and bibliography in conformity with the Chicago Manual of Style.
  6. Frontispiece: The first page of the paper is to contain only the following information:
    1. a 1.5-spaced abstract of 250 words maximum.
    2. the following statement:
      The author of this paper certifies that it represents original work that has not been previously published in any print or electronic medium (except in the form of an abstract or as part of an academic thesis or dissertation); it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; that its publication is approved by all contributing authors, and tacitly or explicitly by the responsible authorities where the work was carried out; and that, if accepted, it can be published elsewhere only following publication in The Berlin Journal of Philosophy, and with the written consent of the copyright holder(s).
    3. the following statement:
      The author is a native/non-native [choose one] speaker of English.
  7. Deletion of identifying information: The following information is to be deleted from the paper:
    1. author’s name
    2. title of the paper
    3. running header or footer containing the author’s name and/or title of the paper
    4. titles of talks, conferences or workshops at which the paper was delivered
    5. names of individuals, institutions or grant organizations acknowledged or thanked in the footnotes
  8. Avoidance of self-quotation: Quotation of passages from the author’s own previous work in the main text is to be avoided whenever possible. Where absolutely necessary, they are to be cited in the impersonal voice in the footnotes and listed in the bibliography.
  9. Document formatting: The paper is to be formatted in Microsoft Word 2004 according to the following instructions:
    1. Once all revisions to the paper have been completed, copy the entire text, including footnotes and bibliography, into a new document.
    2. Save the new document with the title, Author & Title Deleted. Be sure this document carries the “.doc” suffix. This is the document you will blind-submit for review.
    3. Go to File > Save As > Options > Security. In the Preferences window, check the “Read only recommended” box and the “Remove personal information from this file on Save” box. Click “Okay” and then “Save.”

Paper submissions that do not follow these instructions will not be read.

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: To upload a paper that satisfies the above Guidelines, begin the blind submissions procedure by clicking on the box directly below:

Once you have submitted your paper, you may track its progress by entering your assigned paper number in the box directly below: